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We combine conventional and unconventional medicine to help you feel like yourself again. Instead of using a band-aid approach to treat your symptoms, we get to the root causes of your condition by learning about your bio-individuality and doing comprehensive lab testing. Then we find solutions using nutrition, supplements, lifestyle and exercise that address those causes.

The birch tree is a symbol of new beginnings, growth, and healing. It’s also incredibly resilient when faced with harsh conditions—just like you. At Birchwell, our mission is to be the last stop on your search for answers and the first step on your path to real healing.

A different approach to healthcare

My path to functional medicine started when I had to take my health into my own hands. I was battling a cocktail of skin, gut and hormonal issues. The conventional care pathways were not helping me feel better. I received band-aid solutions like (yet another) prescription. I was told that my health issues were "just in your head" and that everything is fine because my labs came back "normal." Red flag. 

At the time, I was a Dartmouth College Math and Computer Science grad working in tech and consulting. But I realized I wanted to use my A-type personality to optimize peoples’ health instead of software—starting with my own. So I went back to school to get my Master's of Science in Nutrition and become a Registered Dietitian. I learned many people have the ability to heal themselves with thorough personalized dietary interventions, therapeutic supplementation, and targeted exercise and lifestyle modifications. Along the way, I discovered functional medicine testing and treatments - and I finally started to see real improvements in my patients' health. 

After spending years studying evidence-based nutrition from both a conventional and unconventional lens, I’m sorry to say there are no shortcuts or perfect algorithms. However, we have more power than we think to profoundly change our lives through advanced functional medicine practices.

At Birchwell, we want you to heal. We want you to relish your relationships, crush your goals, and truly live.

Anya Rosen
Registered Dietitian, Functional Medicine Practitioner, & founder of Birchwell

Anya Rosen, MS, RD, LD, IFNCP, CPT,
Registered Dietitian & Functional Medicine Practitioner. Founder of Birchwell, a virtual clinic based in New York City, USA

A note from Anya Rosen

  • Registered Dietitian, Commission on Dietetic Registration
  • Integrative and Functional Nutrition Certified Practitioner, Integrative and Functional Nutrition Academy
  • Certified Personal Trainer, National Academy of Sports Medicine

Licenses & Certifications

  • Master's of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics with a Concentration in Clinical Nutrition from New York University
  • Dietetic Internship at New York University
  • Math & Computer Science, BA from Dartmouth College


anya's qualifiactions

We stay on the cutting-edge of health science and research to help you overcome your health battle. We leverage the power of comprehensive laboratory analysis, personalized nutrition recommendations, biohacking lifestyle changes, and science-backed supplementation.

Fueled by research, not fads

We thoroughly believe there is no such thing as “perfection.” We will never ask you to sacrifice joy or use overly restrictive diets. We want you to live a fulfilling, normal life without shame or judgment.

Progress over perfection

Healthcare is not one size fits all, so we take the time to find what works best for you. Your body, your mind, your lifestyle, your relationships, your passions. It’s all relevant to your healing journey.

Cookie cutter-free zone

While we identify as functional medicine practitioners, we don’t belong to a single camp. We value the power of research, open-mindedness, conventional, and unconventional practices. 

Minds wide open

The Birchwell Promise

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