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Optimize your health and fix the root cause of your symptoms using advanced lab testing, nutrition, supplement and lifestyle strategies. 

1:1: Virtual Functional Health Consulting Package

a new york city based, 100% virtual clinic

Using advanced lab testing and holistic health strategies, we empower you with a deep understanding of what’s going on in your body so you can escape the “symptom storm.” We identify and treat the root cause of your health issues —whether it’s because of lifestyle, diet, medications, environment, genetics, or a combination of factors. 

Let’s get to the bottom of your health struggles

Your symptoms shouldn’t be shrugged off without a thorough investigation. So it can be frustrating when you’re only offered surface-level prescriptions, vague advice, or medications and diets that simply mask your symptoms—sometimes with negative side effects. Symptoms are signs of a deeper issue that should be addressed holistically. When you identify that deeper issue, real healing can begin.

You know your body. 
You know when something’s not right.

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  • Comprehensive online health intake & assessment
  • Initial 75-minute consultation via Zoom
  • Personalized lab test ordering & analysis
  • Customized written action plan with diet, lifestyle, exercise and professional-grade supplement recommendations
  • Five, 45-minute follow-up appointments
  • Private messaging with your practitioner in-between sessions
  • Option to buy additional follow-ups for ongoing maintenance

Package Inclusions

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Soon enough, we’ll begin to uncover the true causes of your symptoms. You’ll book video follow-up appointments with your practitioner that are dedicated to your healing. You’ll have the opportunity to discuss your progress, identify challenges, make adjustments, and get the accountability you need. 

Adjust and Heal

04. Adjust and Heal

We’ll custom order tests so we can get a deeper look at what’s causing your symptoms. We’ll then analyze your tests, explain the findings, and make additional recommendations. We’ll piece together the results to identify the root cause of your issues so we can craft a tailored healing plan. Tests may include comprehensive blood work, SIBO (breath), GI MAP (stool), DUTCH (hormones and adrenals), MycoTOX (mold), NutrEval (micronutrients), OAT (organic acids), heavy metal tests, or others. 

Functional Lab Orders and Interpretation

03. Functional Lab Orders and Interpretation

After your health review, your practitioner will provide nutrition, supplement and lifestyle recommendations you can implement right away. You’ll get personalized strategies to optimize your food intake, stress management, exercise, and mindset. We'll recommend therapeutic-grade supplements to help fill in the gaps, address your root cause, and accelerate the healing process. It’s not uncommon for our clients to notice significant improvements within a couple of weeks of implementing these changes. 

Nutrition, Lifestyle, and Supplement Recommendations

02. Nutrition, Lifestyle, and Supplement Recommendations

This isn’t your typical 5-minute briefing. We get to know you well. Your care begins with a detailed intake questionnaire and a 75-minute initial consultation over Zoom to understand your health history and goals. The more we know about your past and current situation, the better. 

Introductory health assessment

01. Introductory health assessment

A process rooted in your individuality 

what to expect

Jessica Lyons, Birchwell client

“Working with [Birchwell] has been one of the best things I've ever done for my physical and mental health.”

Gabriella Sankar, Birchwell client

Gabriella Sankar

“I’ve struggled with years of digestive and reproductive issues and I can happily say that, in my time working with [Birchwell], I experienced the most progress in healing these issues.”

danielle flores

danielle flores, Birchwell client

“Anya helped me get down to root cause to a lot of my issues. There was a lot going on in my gut. Anya provided a great plan for treatment.”

stevie carlson

stevie carlson, Birchwell client

"Anya was extremely thorough in her approach to helping me get to the root cause of these [gut and hormone] issues. I love that her approach combined lab testing for a clear look at what was going in my body."

nada eldaeif, Birchwell client

nada eldaeif

"Anya took time to understand my skin and medicine history, and thoughtfully crafted a plan to help me get things under control."

hannah guthrie, Birchwell client

"In just three months of working with Anya, my chronic fatigue has lifted and I'm able to meet my responsibilities without it feeling like a Herculean task, my moods have stabilized, and I feel the best I've ever felt in recent memory."

hannah guthrie

kristen brandis

"I have only worked with [Anya] for a few months now and I've watched my body change from constantly inflamed to happy, and all my other symptoms have almost vanished."

kristen brandis, Birchwell client

Reagan mccarthy, Birchwell client

"I would highly recommend Anya to anyone looking to get their health on the right track and anyone who is done feeling like they are a constantly working against their body and wants to start working with it."

Reagan mccarthy

cassidy snyder, Birchwell client

"My experience with Anya was nothing less than amazing! She focused on healing my body as a whole, rather than just treating the symptoms."

cassidy snyder

We strive for optimal health, not “good enough.” That means you aren’t left coping with negative side effects that sacrifice your well-being. 

It doesn't settle


We’re research junkies. We employ the latest science and stay up-to-date on advancements in the industry. Knowledge is our key tool for helping you overcome health battles. We’re open-minded and not afraid to change our opinion as new scientific discoveries are made. 

It's fueled by research


Your bodily systems are an intertwined network, and they are deeply impacted by your mental and social well-being. We analyze how everything’s working together to achieve the best possible results. 

It looks at the full picture


Instead of focussing on symptom management, we prioritize optimal wellness. We use lab tests and a thorough analysis of your health history to identify what’s causing your symptoms so we can stop the issue in its tracks.

It addresses the root cause


No more blanket solutions or feeling rushed at appointments. We dedicate the time and accountability needed to understand your body, mind, spirit, and lifestyle.  

It personalizes care


Why does our approach work?

You want a proactive approach to improving your health by using comprehensive data collection while avoiding negative side effects and risks.

You want to know the root cause of your health issues so you can alleviate your symptoms and get back to the relationships, career, hobbies, and passions you love. 

You’ve felt dismissed by the conventional medical symptom. Maybe you’ve struggled for years and spent a fortune on fad diets or medications that just made things worse.

You want a solution that’s backed by research, based on science, and completely personalized for you. 

You want a partner on your health journey who takes the time to understand your situation and provide solutions that fit your lifestyle. 

Is private functional health consulting right for you?

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